Senator Joni Ernst hears from cattle producers in Atlantic

Source: Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network

By Ben Nuelle

Senator Joni Ernst heard industry concerns from cattle producers in Atlantic Wednesday afternoon.

Ernst is back in the state hearing from voters and about issues affecting farmers.

“There are a lot of cattle producers concerned about the cattle producers very concerned about market volatility they are seeing and the losses they are seeing per head of cattle. It is pretty tremendous from what they were receiving last year as to what they are receiving this year.”

Ernst says cattle producers are important to the economy.

“The cattle they are selling and the meat products coming off of those cattle are very good lean sources of protein. We see a great demand across that across the United States and that is why trade is so important and goes hand in hand with farmers and ranchers.

Ernst also says people need to be educated why farmers are so necessary.

She says she will take this information back to Washington and figure out how she can help.