Iowa leaders sent a letter on Tuesday to Secretary Sonny Perdue asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to include egg producers in the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP).

The letter was sent by Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, and Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

They wrote in part, “COVID-19 has impacted our Iowa farmers, including our egg producers, whose eggs were destined for the liquid egg market. Because of the massive damage done to this industry as restaurants, schools, and other egg-buying businesses have closed over the past few months, we write today in support of their inclusion into the CFAP to keep these producers afloat until the pandemic abates.”

According to the governor’s office, with nearly 70% of the state’s layer flocks producing for the liquid egg marked, the COVID-19 market disruption has proved to be devastating to Iowa’s egg producers.

“Iowa’s farmers have been doing their part to help our state and nation navigate the effort to defeat COVID-19, and our egg producers are no different. Much of our state’s egg production supports our commercial food service, and while many restaurants and other facilities have had to close or limit operations throughout this pandemic, our egg industry has seen a drastic drop in demand and as a result, some have had to dump product. These hardworking folks need relief and assistance, and that’s what we’re fighting for and pushing USDA to provide.” – From U.S. Senator Joni Ernst

The egg industry is responsible for as much as $2.6 billion in the total economic activity that supports 7,084 jobs and directly employs 2,398 people, as an integral part of Iowa’s economy.

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