Just like hardworking families all across Iowa and this country do every day, I believe that the federal government should balance its own budget. We are already more than $20 trillion in debt; our children and grandchildren deserve better than uncontrolled spending and more debt from Washington piled onto their future.

That is why I supported a balanced budget which set the framework to cut out-of-control spending, putting Congress on the right path toward restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington. I have also opposed efforts by many in Washington to raise the debt limit and increase spending caps. We must cut this out of control spending and ensure that spending constraints are in place if we are going to get our debt under control.

In the Senate, I am working constantly to find ways to eliminate waste and make the federal government more efficient. I was proud to have sponsored the bipartisan Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act which passed the Senate unanimously in 2015. This bill puts our federal government back on track by streamlining efforts and outlining strategies to correct widespread deficiencies, lax oversight and unnecessary cost overruns incurred by preventable delays in meeting stated program goals and deadlines. I also introduced the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act which limits how much taxpayers pick up the tab for presidential perks including things like communications, office space, staff, and travel expense. This legislation passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support, but was vetoed by the President Obama on July 22, 2016; however, I am hopeful that President Trump’s administration work with us to protect taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars.

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