A Staunch Opponent of Congressional Earmarks, Ernst Joins Effort to Permanently Ban One of Washington’s “Swampiest” Traditions

The Iowa senator, known as the Senate’s leading foe of wasteful government spending, says, “It’s past time to permanently ban the bacon from the legislative process.”

WASHINGTON—As Washington Democrats seek to reinstate the bad practice of congressional earmarks—where individual members of Congress seek to reward special interests with billions of dollars in taxpayer money with no oversight, no competition, and no reviews—U.S. Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is joining an effort to permanently ban this “swampy” tradition.
“A return to the ham-fisted tactic of individual earmarks would be a win for Washington special interests and lobbyists and a big loss for hardworking Iowa taxpayers. There’s no reason to go back to the old days of politicians pigging out on taxpayer dollars—earmarking millions for their own pet projects, like the infamous bridge to nowhere in Alaska. It’s past time to permanently ban the bacon from the legislative process, and finally put an end to one of Washington’s swampiest traditions,” said Senator Ernst.
Ernst has long been a supporter of efforts to permanently ban earmarks. The senator recently penned an op-ed with Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, declaring earmarks a “corrupt, costly, and inequitable practice.” Earlier this year, Ernst published an op-ed calling for the permanent ban of earmarks. The Cedar Rapids Gazette also covered Ernst’s opposition to the return of earmarks.
Following reports that Washington Democrats plan to re-instate Congressional earmarks, Ernst called the practice, “nothing short of a belated Valentine to Washington special interests and lobbyists.”